The best drain systems

The E.C.T. shower ground drain system is the best that you can find right now on the market, when it comes to improving the drain system in your house. Of course, you might believe that this is too an unimportant issue for you to consider. However, there are quite a few reasons for which you should consider doing that, especially if you didn’t even think about the importance of this issue.

And the main reason would be that the traditional point drain system (those holes in the wet room floor through which the water is collected) aren’t as efficient as they should be. As our times progress, so do our habits when it comes to taking a relaxing shower and bath. And these obsolete systems cannot handle the water flow accordingly.

Because of the limited space on which the water is collected, the risk of water overflowing is increased. In other words, when taking a shower, you might flood the wet room and the entire house. With a channel drainage system you wouldn’t have this problem.

Furthermore, because of the larger are on which both the water and the impurities are collected, another risk is also greatly diminished. And this is the risk of clogging, which is also one of the main reasons why water will overflow.

There are also some other reasons why you should choose a channel drain system. Besides the material from which they are made from, you can choose how to personalize your new drain system in any way that you want to. And this is very important for our clients.

After all, we live in modern times, when the aspect is almost as important as the function. The linear drains are very discreet when it comes to their appearance, being long and narrow profiles through which the water (and the impurities) is collected. So even if you choose the simplest model, you won’t ruin in any way the look of your wet room.

But you can choose differently. From the type and model of the grating to LED lighting and to personalized inscriptions on the grating, everything is possible. With this new channel drainage system, you can even improve the aesthetics of the wet room. And when this opportunity is offered to you, than you should probably do it.

Of course, with us you can find other alternatives too. And these are the traditional point systems and the readymade shower floors (these have the drains already incorporated in them). But we all know that these are just temporary fixings, which will only delay the inevitable. Eventually, you will too come around and buy a linear drain system.

We can also add one more thing. The channel drains are also very easy to install and you can do it yourself, without the help of a professional plumber and only be respecting the given instructions. In no time at all after your purchase, you will have the best drain system of the moment.

Say goodbye to the rancid smell of the stagnant water from beneath the tiles. Say goodbye to clogging. Say goodbye to flooding. Choose the channel drainage system and you time in the shower or in the hot and bubbly bathtub will be again a relaxing one.